Victoria Kucherchuk

Rank: Certified Senior Associate
Home Office: Ukraine
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Phases Certified: I, II, III, IV
Year First Certified: 2012

Victoria Kucherchuk first started working with The Adizes Institute in 2009 as an Adizes Instructor. In this capacity, she has introduced countless individuals and organizations, around the world, to the Adizes Methodology. She is now a Certified Adizes Symbergetic Consultant where she specializes in helping organizations diagnose and solve their biggest problems.

Victoria has benefitted from collaborations with Adizes Consultants from the USA, Switzerland, Denmark, and Serbia. Her clients represent diverse industries and profit from her professional approach and rich background. Victoria has extensive experience as a successful business trainer, consultant and coach. Since 2003, she has worked with companies from various industries, helping managers improve their client-orientation, teamwork, people management skills, and abilities to coach their professional teams.

In 2006, Victoria established her own training company, Team Expert, LLC, specializing in teamwork development. She found that the Adizes PAEI concept added value to programs for managers interested in improving their management styles and teamwork capabilities and thus incorporated it into her work. The company continues to develop successfully and currently serves clients in Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan.

From 1999 – 2003, Victoria was the Corporate Human Resources Trainer for Avon Cosmetics in Ukraine. During that time, she organized their Corporate Training and Development Centre, facilitated the Avon Basic and Advanced Management Program, and worked with all levels of personnel, including the international team of trainers (European Learning Net).

Besides being certified in the Adizes Methodology, Victoria holds several international certificates and diplomas on management, leadership and coaching.

Victoria is married, has two children, and currently resides in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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