Sunil Dovedy

Rank: Certified Principal Associate
Home Office: Santa Barbara, USA
Languages: English
Phases Certified: I, II, III, IV, V, VII, X
Year First Certified: 2001

As President of Adizes Institute Professional Services, Mr. Sunil Dovedy oversees the business operations of the Institute with a special emphasis on program delivery and caring for the needs of current and new client members of Adizes. As a certified Adizes Senior Associate, he also delivers key modules of the Adizes Program. Sunil serves in the capacity of Executive Director of the Adizes Graduate School, which has been established to grant master’s and Doctoral degrees in the study of Leadership and Change. With more than twenty-five years’ experience in the high technology and information systems sector, Mr Dovedy brings to his work a varied background in the Software, Manufacturing and Service industries.

Sunil has had experience running global organizations and in dealing with fast-changing environments. Prior to joining the Adizes Institute, he successfully deployed the Adizes Program in his organization. This prior experience and his continued work with client members of Adizes, both in the profit and non-profit arena, have given him powerful insights into the key factors critical to successfully deploying the Adizes Methodology in a variety of settings. Throughout his career, Mr. Dovedy has continually been involved in the creation and management of high-performance teams.

With a continuing focus on driving the overall organization and key business units toward superior levels of achievement, some of his many successes include: Achieving a fourfold increase in revenues and profits within five years without any dilution of equity. Moving a global customer support organization from a reactive stance to a knowledge-centred proactive unit, to support a 40% annual business growth while gaining a 50% improvement in customer support, satisfaction and simultaneously reducing support costs by 30%. Developing and implementing strategic information systems resulting in significant improvements in service levels for the business, allowing the organization to handle a 100% increase in business activity with minimal staff additions and reducing the time for new product introductions by 50%. Providing strategic advice on successful acquisitions and divestitures for fuelling continued growth. Freeing the founding entrepreneurs of the organizational burden as it reaches a certain size and scale by shifting it to a professionally managed entity in an elegant and natural manner.

As a graduate of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and the Institute of Technology, Varanasi, with an MBA and bachelor’s in electrical engineering, Mr. Dovedy combines significant business operations background with technical depth and breadth. This, coupled with keen customer orientation, enables him to contribute broadly to those he supports.

Mr. Dovedy is married with three children and resides in California.

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