Rufat Jahangirov

Rank: Associate
Home Office: 
Languages: Russian, English
Phases Certified: II
Year First Certified: 2017

Rufat Jahangirov has a strong background in finance, management accounting and management information systems. He gained his experience working for various global companies in different industries like Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, FMCG, Agriculture, Quality Assurance, and IT.

He has served on the board of numerous organizations and has worked with CEOs and owners in various capacities, including business processes reengineering, designing and implementing management information systems, and building internal controls environment.

In 2007, Rufat established an accounting and human resources administration services company and served as CEO until 2013.

Rufat has been involved in Adizes since 2015 when a large holding company in Azerbaijan, where he served as a divisional CFO, started to implement Adizes transformation program.

During the process, Rufat has been ultimately involved in problem diagnosis, designing organizational structures and building reporting systems. In early 2017, he joined Adizes as an associate and immediately started a series of rigorous training to expand and deepen his understanding of Adizes Methodology.

Since then Rufat has been delivering Adizes in companies related to his organization as well as external clients. Rufat holds an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and is a BSc in Applied Mathematics.

Rufat is fluent in English and Russian and lives in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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