Peter Shtrom

Rank: Certified Associate
Home Office: Israel, Russia
Languages: Russian, Hebrew
Phases Certified: I, II, III
Year First Certified: 2013

Peter Shtrom is Vice President for Development, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean for the Adizes Institute as well as a Certified Associate. Peter graduated from the Moscow State Industrial University, formerly known as MACI, with a degree in engineering.

He has several patented inventions for which he was awarded the medal of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. Since then, Peter has specialized in the marketing and sales of educational programs. He has over ten years of experience establishing international offices for developing, promoting and selling educational projects between international educational institutions. In this role, Peter has established dozens of high profile cooperation agreements between educational institutions around the world.

In 2006, Peter partnered with the Adizes Institute to create the Adizes Academy of Management. It was through this organization that Peter was able to launch Adizes Methodology based programs in universities and other educational institutions around the world. His success in this endeavour contributed to the acceptance of Adizes as a mainstream management methodology in many of the markets he now manages in his role as Vice President of Development.

In 2011 Peter was given the prestigious award of Associate of the Year in acknowledgment of his contribution to the development of the Adizes Institute in Eastern Europe.

Peter currently lives in Israel with his wife and three children.

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