Marcin Dembowski

Rank: Certified Associate
Home Office: Poland
Languages: Polish, English and Russian
Phases Certified: I, II, III
Year First Certified: 2010

Marcin Dembowski is responsible for promotion and development of Adizes Institute in Poland. He has been practising the Adizes methodology for the last seven years in his own company, which originally was established in 2000 and now is operating in tourism and hospitality, agriculture, property management and residential construction business.

Additionally, Marcin has over eleven years’ experience in the publishing industry working for the world’s leading academic publishers, including Oxford University Press. In the course of his work, he has been involved in various projects aimed at promoting young researchers from Central and Eastern Europe, cooperating with organizations such as RABE, CEEMAN and BMDA.

Marcin received his MBA from London Metropolitan University and his MA in Corporate Communication from the Rotterdam School of Management. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD at Kozminski University (PhD in Management). Marcin is trilingual in Polish, English and Russian.

Marcin is married and has two sons. He currently lives in Poland.

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