Hrvoje Bogdan

Rank: Certified Associate
Home Office: Croatia, Southeast Europe
Languages: Croatian, English
Phases Certified: I, II, III, IV
Year First Certified: 2007

As a Certified Adizes Associate and one of the founders of Adizes Southeast Europe, Croatia, Hrvoje Bogdan is responsible for business development in Croatia and throughout the Southeast Europe region. Since 2005, Hrvoje has been introducing the Adizes Methodology to international and domestic companies through lecturing, consulting and training. His strength is in his ability to speak on his own experiences implementing the Adizes Methodology within his previous organization. Hrvoje has also spent over ten years as an executive in multinational companies. This experience provides him with a real-world perspective, which he brings to every engagement.

Hrvoje was first certified by Adizes in 2007. He specializes in leading the change process in companies by combining the efforts and roles of top management and employees. He is a master of the art of structured group decision-making in recognition that the input of only one individual is not enough when dealing with complex and chaotic situations.

Hrvoje is always inspired by what happens when people meet with the purpose of learning from each other. Hrvoje is married and since he became a father, he has come to understand how success is only attainable when there is balance in one’s life. Consequently, he actively promotes balancing the time devoted to one’s different roles (professional, being a spouse, being a parent) for increased achievement.

Hrvoje is proud of his work with his colleagues from Adizes Southeast Europe, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as they are building bridges of trust and respect in that area.

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