Dr. Zvezdan Horvat

Rank: Certified Principal Associate
Home Office: Serbia, Southeast Europe
Languages: English, Serbian
Phases Certified: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII
Year First Certified: 1994
Contact: adizesinfo@adizes.com

Zvezdan Horvat has more than twenty years of experience deploying the Adizes Methodology within organizations around the world (USA, Great Britain, China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Slovenia, Hungary, El Salvador, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus and other countries in South-East Europe region).

He received the prestigious, “Associate of the Year” Award from the Adizes Institute in 2004 and 2008. His PhD thesis was devoted to the development of a model to determine the corporate life cycle stage.

He has published more than seventy articles on change management and is often recruited to share his expertise. He is an experienced speaker and has delivered Adizes related lectures for audiences up to 1000 people; he counts these events among of his greatest achievements. In 2009, he was the keynote speaker at the Oxford Summit of Leaders on Crisis and Corporate Responsibility.

His expertise in Adizes methodology is especially connected to organizational structure design and creating profit tracking and accountability systems. His last position includes professional development of Adizes consultants in Eastern Europe, Baltic and Mediterranean.

Among his clients are many small and medium-size companies.

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