Dr. Yuri Danilevskiy

Rank: Certified Senior Associate
Home Office: Russia
Languages: Russian, English
Phases Certified: I, II, III, IV
Year First Certified: 2013
Contact: adizesinfo@adizes.com

Dr. Yuri Danilevskiy graduated from the First Leningrad Medical Institute (now known as Saint Petersburg State Medical University) where he did his residency in the field of Pulmonology. He also engaged in scientific research in the field of clinical immunology.

Yuri has spent over twenty years working in major international pharmaceutical companies including Merck Sharp Dohme & Abbott. He started as a medical representative and finished as the director of various business units. While working in this field he gained extensive experience in sales and marketing and program management.

His ability to bring his department to “Commercial Excellence,” contributed to his organization’s #1 worldwide ranking in sales and profit growth over several years.

Yuri also helped develop multiple new products while working as part of an international new product development team within the organization. In partnership with international NGOs, such as Project HOPE and Vishnevskaya Rostropovich Foundation, Yuri worked in Russia and the CIS to develop and implement various humanitarian programs, protecting millions of children from Hepatitis B and A.

As a project leader and business consultant on sales and marketing, Yuri has carried out multiple successful organizational transformation programs in various industries, helping his clients become more customer-oriented and successful.

Yuri currently resides in Moscow, Russia. He works in both Russian and English.

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