Dr. Georgios Karadimas

Rank: Certified Associate
Home Office: Greece
Languages: Greek, English
Phases Certified:
Year First Certified: 2019
Contact: adizesinfo@adizes.com

Georgios was born on the 27th of December 1967 in Athens, Greece. He was always curious and he liked to learn and to create. As a result, he very early had a strong aptitude to mechanics and engineering. The urge to become something that could be admired, later on, sparked his will to develop himself and he became very interested in sciences too. He did not however stay there. He started to study almost everything. His initial goal was set to become an astrophysicist. He, therefore, started to study physics but very soon he became interested in the philosophy of physics, which heavily influenced his way of thinking about things of life in general.

As a teenager, Georgios was attracted to computers that by then were just starting to appear in homes. He quickly set a target to learn more about them and as a result, he managed to be admitted to the School of Computer Engineering and Science of the University of Patras in 1985. That was one of the most esteemed schools in Greece by then. He however soon found out that computer engineering and science was not an area that he dreamed of spending the rest of his professional career in. A couple of years before the finished his studies, he came across the idea of studying business and he decided to continue his studies in this field. Postgraduate studies of this kind were not possible in Greece by then. The main options that he had available were to either go to the UK or to the US. Georgios preferred the first one.

Georgios was admitted as an MBA student by the University of Sheffield in 1991. Despite the difficulties that he experienced initially, he was able to be integrated and ultimately he developed a strong interest in financial management, financial markets and banking. Despite the fact that this was a subject area that was far from computer engineering and science, he very soon became immersed in it. However, his studies in computer engineering and science actually influenced the way he saw business and he managed them later on.

In 1995, as soon as he left the Greek Army, which he had to serve for almost a couple of years, he was hired by Ford Credit, which had just established operations in Greece, as a Dealer Service Representative. He very soon decided that this was not the job that he would like to have and he moved on to join CPI, a small Greek company by then, as a Product Manager. At the same time, he decided to study Marketing. He, therefore, applied for the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He managed to be awarded the relevant Diploma in 1997. The fact that Georgios was working as a marketer whereas at the same time he was studying marketing, helped him to directly apply the acquired knowledge with significant results. During 1998, Georgios advanced his career

by joining Sony as a Marketing Supervisor for Sony Telecom Club and later on as a Product Manager of one of the most traditional product categories of Sony, namely Personal Audio.

Georgios joined Altec as a Business Unit Manager for Telecommunications and Retail in 2000. He saw this position as an opportunity to advance his career even further. At the same time, he decided to apply for an MSc in Operations and Logistics of the University of Surrey. The title was awarded to him in 2003. By then, Georgios was already working for CPI as a Sales Manager of the Dealer Network and Large Accounts. Later on, he also assumed the role of Marketing Manager for the whole CPI Group of Companies.

Georgios moved his career forward to becoming a C-Level Executive on 2007. He was hired by ADT in order to lead its Greek subsidiary as a General Manager. That took place during a very tough time since the economic crisis was just starting, a crisis during which Greece was one of the countries affected mostly. As a result of his efforts to keep the company alive, Georgios developed strong expertise in restructurings and turnarounds. During his tenure in ADT, and later AGIS Fire & Security, in which he occupied the role of the President & Managing Director, he decided to further develop himself by enrolling for a PhD in organizational transformation in Adizes Graduate School. Georgios first came across Adizes methodology when he was working for CPI. He very soon became interested in it mainly because of the granularity that it offers to leadership and management. Georgios managed to finish up with his PhD in 2018. In 2016 he moved to KONE as a Managing Director of the Greek subsidiary. He left KONE in 2016 to join Strategy Technics as a Senior Associate and GEP as a Chief Operating Officer.

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