Borys Shevelov

Rank: Certified Adizes Associate
Home Office: Ukraine
Languages: Ukrainian, English
Phases Certified: I, II, III
Year First Certified: 2019

Borys is a business trainer and coach. The work experience of a manager, trainer, and consultant for more than 12 years includes work in companies from 20 employees to 90 thousand.

In addition to funding his own business, he worked as the head of the department in a restaurant company.

He built from scratch and then managed the corporate university one of the European banks widely represented in Ukraine. Including the development of corporate education programs for all management levels, managerial personnel reserve and line staff in different departments.

Borys lectured economy in University, graduated from the Key Executive MBA Program in L’viv Business School, has a master’s degree in Analysts and Finance.

He is a speaker at conferences of various companies: Ideas First, West Forum, Adizes Institute (Ukraine), HD partners, Hotel Hiero Club and others.

Borys specializes in the development and implementation of programs for the development of leaders, management systems, HR processes. Also, on the development and implementation of strategies for companies of the hotel and restaurant business, training managers and owners.

Borys has experience building structures for small companies including the development of detailed responsibility matrix. He has experience in financial analysis and business model designing.

Borys is the Managing Partner, founder and program director of the Hores Pro Hotel and Restaurant consulting company since 2012 where he primarily consults on strategy development and M&A analysis.

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