Anton Tolmakov

Rank: Associate
Home Office: Russia
Languages: Russian
Phases Certified: I
Year First Certified: 2017

Anton has been a Russian consultant for the Adizes Institute since 2017. He is qualified in Phases II – IV of the Adizes Methodology. He is certified in Phases I of The Adizes Methodology.

Aton teaches in the graduate business school of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov. He has been a participant and speaker of dozens of international conferences since 2008.

Anton founded 1C-Architect Business in 1997 and remains the president of that company. 1C-Architect is among the three largest companies in Russia developing and implementing IT solutions and services on the platform1C: Enterprise.

Anton has a first university degree as an Engineer-Physicist, Computer Aided Design, Russia. He also has an MBA degree (2008) from The Open University.

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